Staying In Front of the Threat — Using New Technology To Protect Our Future

When the U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants to enhance their high-level security clearance capabilities, they look to accentedge for answers.

The current method for issuing a security clearance is outdated and slow — and can still miss key information that would disqualify a candidate from being approved. The challenge the department faces is the ability to review large amounts of data to accurately say if a security clearance should be issued.

At accentedge we use Artificial Intelligence technology to improve the way we do identity resolution — and accurately verify a security clearance. The technology allows us to sort data from a wide number of sources — and then combine and analyze the information to ensure the validity of the applicant.

Our identity resolution process combines data to construct a “Persona” of the candidate. We include behavior markers to identify the previously-unknown aspects of their identity.

This method allows us to take a broader look at an individual — to quickly and accurately resolve security clearances while anticipating ever-evolving security threats.

At accentedge, we understand the importance of using technology to meet people’s needs and solve problems. We believe new technology can be used to ensure our government agencies are safe from bad actors — and stay in front of the threat.




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