Big Pharma Digital Transformation: A Case Study

3 min readNov 19, 2020


A bio-pharmaceutical company’s aging computing solutions were increasingly becoming an obstacle for its employees and business partners to continue to innovate and bring breakthrough medicine to patients. With the pace of innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry accelerating in the age of big data, analytics, AI, and IoT the company found itself at a competitive disadvantage when attracting top talent, conducting cutting-edge research, and developing new medicine.

The need for seamless access to information regardless of location or device was considered a differentiating factor by its executive management.

Updating Cloud Computing Capabilities

We at accentedge started by transforming the organization to cloud services expertise and rolled out high-demand cloud services and led the proofs of concepts to determine business value. We then established strong working relationships with technology leaders in cloud space including Microsoft and Google and formed a group to evaluate competing technologies.

Simultaneously, we developed financial models for transition to cloud-based technologies and undertook negotiations for favorable pricing with selected vendors. We worked directly with the executive management to advise on strategy, trade-offs, and options and drove decisions towards the solution most advantageous to the company.

The company decided to expand the cloud services introduced by us to employees and contractors enterprise-wide while saving tens of millions of dollars.

Securing Sensitive Data On A Global Scale

A bio-pharmaceutical company has hundreds of millions of documents spread across the globe on various technologies and platforms. Many of those documents contain “sensitive” information such as trade secrets, business plans, employee private information such as pay and age, and social security numbers.

With the widespread cyber-security threats from both inside and outside the company network, the company was at great risk of becoming the next victim of cyber-criminals. This is the most important technology risk facing the company with the direct involvement of the board of directors.

accentedge was responsible for addressing the risk on an expedited basis for all content stored on SharePoint and thousands of servers spread across a globe in 170+ countries.

We then lead a team that worked with all the stakeholders on a weekly basis to remediate the risks. After forming a winning team and partnering with a software vendor what provided a solution to identify and address information security risk.

The project team protected the information in a timely fashion and was cleared by Internal Audit for having controls in place to protect the information — while saving the company $1.2M compared to a vendor’s proposal.

The Need For Digital Transformation

In today’s business environment, it is critical that all companies look at their IT systems on a global scale to see which areas are outdated, inefficient, or vulnerable to cyber threats.

By implementing secure cloud solutions and an integrated IT assessment and solutions, companies can continue to communicate while protecting sensitive data and trade secrets. Done correctly, digital transformation also provides agility, long-term cost savings, and an edge over the competition.

At accentedge we bring the experience it takes to tackle complex problems — by providing digital transformation solutions that bring efficiencies and cost savings to meet your business needs. For further details, you can contact us on our website