As the corporate landscape evolves and social media continues to impact the business world, at accentedge we decided to do a study using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to see if we could understand the relationship between a company’s stock price and the public’s perception of a company as defined by the social media “sentiment” of that company on Twitter.

To see if we could find a relationship between stock prices compared to sentiment, we used AI technology to analyze the rate of change in a company’s stock price based on sentiment using an analysis of Tweets mentioning the company. By correlating…

As researchers race to find ways to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus, contact tracing is emerging as a technology that can help people know when they’ve been in close proximity to the virus and potentially reduce the spread of the deadly disease.

With the increased interest in the impact of Global Climate Change, businesses are beginning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to track ever-increasing natural calamities, assess and improve environmental impacts, predict future trends, and inform corporate environmental strategy and policy.

Companies are taking an interest in this new technology not only because of threats to ecosystems and populations but also because of concerns that unanticipated natural disasters and weather events can directly impact trade and commerce.

One area where businesses are utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are efforts to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Leading businesses are…

When looking to implement and upgrade your Cloud functionality, a key part of your success involves selecting a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who understands the capabilities needed for the specific Cloud service, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, or Oracle Cloud.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have facilitated the processing of vast amounts of data. Data scientists and developers have access to numerous tools and databases constantly growing.

Each of these tools has different functions that have broken down barriers holding programmers back. Some tools are more mathematically oriented while others revolve around data analysis and data mining.

AI is a complex area specializing in mathematical algorithms, computing machines, software programs, and much more. With the help of tools and frameworks, data scientists can take ML, AI, cloud computing, digital technology to a whole new level.

Working with Artificial…

The airline industry is in trouble. With flights reduced during Covid-19 and customer satisfaction lagging, airlines are looking for new ways to regain the trust of their most important asset, their customer.

With 300 million people using Zoom videoconferencing every day, the issue of Zoom meetings getting hijacked by a hacker, troll, or “Zoom bomber” has become a real and serious problem. Similar to traditional cyber attacks, the Zoom bomber finds a way to breach the Zoom conference and then disrupts the meeting with a rant or inappropriate message.


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